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Welcome to Phenom!

Our products give you presence. We manage the details so you look good center stage!  

Phenom Publishing creates visual impact and lasting meaning with products for speakers that combine the power of design, technology and content. Unlike most companies that create only one facet of the marketing products you need (graphic design or copywriting or websites), we combine all of those capabilities to create a customized message with irresistable leverage.

Our products are designed to compel action through potency and approachability. We create vibrant tools designed to elicit the desired response from your audience, no matter what size group or venue. 

What Makes Us Different
More than just a factory putting out posters, websites, direct mail pieces or PowerPoint slides, we take into consideration your IMAGE, and make sure your message is consistent, unique, profound -- and successful!. Is your success measured by sales per head? Then we write to get them to the back of the room. Do you consider a standing ovation a success? Then we write to get them on their feet. Do you want to uplift and inspire? Then we write to find the joy within.

We realize that you care about what you do, and you care about communicating your passion to your audience. So we take pride in making sure your speech matches your style, values and vision.

We do not simply write remarks, comments, opinions or observations. Our words are crafted according to industry-standard sales strategies to script the event.

The words you speak will be precise and effective in compelling customers to act, with an emphasis on potency and approachability.

You will not just be converting prospects into sales, but creating a lasting relationship between you and your customers – a sense of belonging for them that breeds loyalty and a sense of familiarity and being part of the “in group” that inspires them to talk about you with others.

Where you would normally need to work with several vendors depending on whether you wanted print, online, or presentation services, we believe in the importance of a consistent message, and feel it's important to provide comprehensive services. We make it as easy as possible for you to focus on being center stage.

Learn more about our products...

Web Presence
- Website Content Development
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Banner Ads & Emails
- Link Bait
- Feature & eZine Articles
- Navigation & Usability
- Intranets
Premium Presentations
- PowerPoint Design
- Event Scripting
- Webinar Design
- Speech Writing
Marketing Communications
- USPs & Slogans
- Advertising Copy
- Brochures & Guides
- Direct Mail & Flyers
- Signs & Banners
- Newsletters
Technical Writing
- Training Manuals
- Information Security Policy Writing
- PCI Documentation
- Requirements Gathering
- Process Mapping
- Sarbanes-Oxley Documentation
- e-Publishing
- Ghost Writing
- Audio / Video Scripts
- Demos & Walkthroughs
- e-Learning Courses